Backstage Launch

This month we are launching our new safety product range ‘Backstage’ designed specifically for the entertainments industry. Whether you are involved in film, TV, theatre or festival events safety is not only an issue for your staff but also the general public.

PageLines-Scaffpad-Nightlight-Safety-Pad.jpg PageLines-Scaffpad-Daylight-Safety-Pad.png

Backstage was designed to highlight exit routes and hazards in dark and minimally lit areas. With less than 20 minutes charge, from either daylight or artificial light, the pads will glow for around 4 hours. Backstage was designed after being approached by theatre professionals looking for a cost-effective solution to backstage safety. This new to the market product carries all our standard robust features of our Scaffpad range and has endless applications.

We are currently seeking companies to trial our product before it goes to market. If you are interested please contact us today for further information.

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