Scaffpads at Gas storage site

The underground gas storage site in Northern Holland has been using Scaffpads onsite since 2013.

In 2012 several projects were launched to increase storage capacity at the site which, according to Alex Rolfes, an Independent Safety Supervisor working on the site caused “a huge amount of scaffolds to be built and an increase in the potential risk of impact injuries”.

Visiting the site in 2013, Ronald Lutjes, Scaffpad’s distributor in The Netherlands, provided Alex with some Scaffpad samples. Impressed by the product and convinced that Scaffpads could help improve the risk of impact injuries, the site now uses Scaffpads throughout and as part of their Last Minute Risk Analysis method (LMRA).

“Once an employee sees a situation that could lead to an impact incident he reports it to the Safety Focal Point of that area and a Scaffpad will be placed on that specific item. By using the LMRA method onsite the workers look at the workplace for potential hazards. Impact related incidents are also part of the LRMA. We see that Scaffpad is used on several spots in the installation. Due to the bright yellow colour of the Scaffpad workers SEE the potential danger spots immediately. The attention value is great.” – Alex Rolfes During the summer of 2014 the number of workers on site will greatly increase with the project expected to be completed without serious incident in 2015.