The Scaffolding Safety System

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Scaffpad® is a highly versatile produce with many industry applications

Although Scaffpad® was originally designed for the oil and gas industry they have many other industry applications including marine, yacht building, festivals, sports facilities, theatre rigging, television and movie production to name a few.

We are currently trailing our NEW Scaffpad® range “Backstage” which was specifically designed for the entertainment industry. If you are interested in trailing our NEW “Backstage” product range please contact us for further information.

Below is our glow in the dark 'Backstage' Scaffpad designed for use in venues, theatre, television and movie production sets. The before and after state is clearly demonstrated.

Backstage can indicate exit routes and highlight hazards in dark and minimally lit areas. With less than 20 minutes charge, from either daylight or artificial light, the pads will glow for around 4 hours. Michelle designed the range after being approached by theatre professionals looking for a cost-effective solution to backstage safety. This new to the market product carries all our standard robust features and has endless applications. How could Backstage make your workplace safer? Contact us to discuss a free trial.